viralnet.net is a no-profit productive nexus—a curatorial initiative, an archive and an imaginary studio.

We seek out international social critics, media theorists, writers and artists who are examining and affirming the contemporary moment. Throughout the year we post their research, interviews, essays, projects and exhibitions online and in alternative physical spaces. Human experience has become more mediated and more networked, which provokes us to explore alternative pathways that can lead us away from this reactionary present towards a landscape of diverse and multiple futures.

viralnet.net is interested in the turbulent nature of global culture and the precarious disciplines of media, science, performance and art in the 21st century. We insist on provoking an “indiscipline” that moves us beyond the protected borders of history, privileged interests and territorial assumptions.

All content posted to viralnet.net is the intellectual property of the authors and artists. viralnet.net does not retain any copyright authority of the posted content. The authors and artists are solely responsible for the content, accuracy and expressed opinions. For reprint permissions, please contact the authors and artists directly. viralnet.net does not accept unsolicited submissions.