Green My Favela: A Brief Conversation Regarding Divergence

Lea Rekow and Tom Leeser

Even as nations converge on a purely technical and superficial level there has been an ever-greater divergence between the people who have the means and ability to devise these connective technologies and profit from them and those who have been seduced to use them. Never before has there been such a wide gap of understanding between the producers, owners and users of technology.
—Chandran Nair, Founder of the Global Institute For Tomorrow … More Green My Favela: A Brief Conversation Regarding Divergence

Audacities of Memory

Memory is a subject of timely and far-reaching import. As postmodernists query the nature of truth, memory, and history; as history books are rewritten to reflect multiculturalism, polyvocality, and the decentering of knowledge; as the humanities become increasingly reflexive; and as issues of memory loss and retrieval are researched, debated, and litigated, it is appropriate to consider how other cultures conceive of and use memory. … More Audacities of Memory