Release: Heard in LA

Release: Heard in LA is a continuum of previous online sound projects — The Lament Project (2008), Dry Run (2012), Imagining Tellus 28- Heard in LA (2017) and Project Scream (2019) produced by The Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts and its web-based curatorial initiative, archive, and virtual studio, The work … More Release: Heard in LA

Tech/Know/Future: From Slang to Structure

Tech/Know/Future/ From Slang to Structure is a critical response to technological systems within art addressing the issues of identity, history and abstraction, placing the viewer at the intersection of the past, present and future. Eleven diverse cross-disciplinary artists will use their creative practices to establish new relationships among technology, knowledge and time through augmented reality, artificial … More Tech/Know/Future: From Slang to Structure

Project Scream

Project Scream is The Center for Integrated Media and’s sound project for 2018-19, curated by Carmina Escobar, Fy, and Tom Leeser. A variety of performance, electronic, acoustic, noise, text, and visual artists have been invited to contemplate the meaning of the word scream and to respond by creating a sonic or written interpretation that is derived from their own personal artistic practice. … More Project Scream