Project Scream

Project Scream is the Center for Integrated Media and’s third curatorial sound project. This project follows our past two sound initiatives: the Lament Project and Imagining Tellus # 28: Heard in LA. Curators Carmina Escobar, Fy, and Tom Leeser invited a variety of performance, electronic, acoustic, noise, text and visual artists to contemplate the meaning of the word … More Project Scream

Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward

The exhibition, “Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward,” is part of the CalArts Library’s ​Curating the Institute Archives Project,​ a student-led curation project of the Special Collections and Institute Archives Reading Room and the Library’s Quiet Study Room with materials from the Institute Archives… … More Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward

Dry Run

Dry Run is a “poetic sound installation” that responds to and explores the implications of the word, Drought. … More Dry Run

24 Fragments of Purifoy

Tom Leeser

Noah Purifoy exhumed and transformed technology’s phantom through a creative process of direct activity and making. He built a network of “power-objects” in his remote desert compound in Joshua Tree, California, far outside the urban boundaries of industrial Los Angeles and long before the Internet. … More 24 Fragments of Purifoy