PDF-OBJECTS and Cassandra

Kandis Williams is an artist, writer, editor, and publisher living and working in Los Angeles and Berlin. She received her BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art, New York and has had recent solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Vienna. She has an active curatorial and writing practice, and runs CASSANDRA Press with artist Taylor Doran. Her work often explores contemporary critical theory including, but not limited to, racial-nationalism, authority and eroticism. She is also a visiting faculty member at CalArts. Kandis is represented by Night Gallery in Los Angeles. … More PDF-OBJECTS and Cassandra

Project Scream

Project Scream is the Center for Integrated Media and viralnet-v4.net’s third curatorial sound project. This project follows our past two sound initiatives: the Lament Project and Imagining Tellus # 28: Heard in LA. Curators Carmina Escobar, Fy, and Tom Leeser invited a variety of performance, electronic, acoustic, noise, text and visual artists to contemplate the meaning of the word … More Project Scream

Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward

The exhibition, “Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward,” is part of the CalArts Library’s ​Curating the Institute Archives Project,​ a student-led curation project of the Special Collections and Institute Archives Reading Room and the Library’s Quiet Study Room with materials from the Institute Archives… … More Feminist Conversations: Reaching Back Looking Forward

Dry Run

Dry Run is a “poetic sound installation” that responds to and explores the implications of the word, Drought. … More Dry Run