Growth House 2

The other mothers are jealous when you first tell them you are moving. They too want a house on Mars. Tired of their 60s tract houses noted for soft contemporary interiors, 8ft high ceilings, Revival, “Traditional” or Colonial exteriors, for wall-to-wall cracks and fissures—you see, these homes were surreptitiously built on clay—they too want to sell but have no buyer… … More Growth House 2


“joe” is an experiment of refusal to decode meaning.

“joe” has one row of the audience (up to 60) set-up facing a long mirror with a curtain where they see themselves when the curtain opens; four ballet barres are carried around, sometimes upside down or pointing toward the ceiling; and a video monitor showing a heart shape… … More joe

Wabi-sabi: Cultural Bodies, Collective Social Ecologies and the Ripple Effect

An interview with Sara Sithi-Amnuai vn-v4: You state that, your work, Wabi-sabi, was seeded with the idea that an individual’s action or “release” can have a resounding (re-sounding?) “ripple effect” on a larger ecosystem—or in other words, (your words) on our “cultural body.” Contemplation, transformation and healing are other words you use to describe the basis for … More Wabi-sabi: Cultural Bodies, Collective Social Ecologies and the Ripple Effect

The Dictionary

The Dictionary is a web site designed and coded to emulate the non-linear experience of interacting with an analog dictionary online, and how analog page pairings create poetic juxtapositions and discoveries of language. I try to complicate the notion of a comprehensive volume of language … More The Dictionary


Dongpu Ling Postview (2021) is an installation combining machine generated video and a series of hair dye painted faux wools. A machine learning algorism, named StyleGan, it uses neural network to learn and find similarity from a given dataset. In this case: a dataset of over 500 images of machines in landscapes is used for … More Postview

On Hammers and Feathers as the Artist’s Epistemic Weapons

Legend has it that around 1590 Galileo Galilei dropped cannon balls and other munition from the tower of Pisa and thus discovered the law of ‘free fall’: The fall velocity of an object in a vacuum is independant of its form and mass. Due to air resistance, the fall velocity of an object in the Earth’s atmosphere is slowed down in accordance with its form and mass. … More On Hammers and Feathers as the Artist’s Epistemic Weapons


Kai-Luen Liang 1949: Tiananmen Square: The ghosts of a public square filled with bodies caught up in the fervor of victory. The sound of a single voice through multiple loudspeakers echoing throughout Tiananmen Square. The voice bouncing off the surrounding concrete, no longer dampened by human bodies. The founding of the People’s Republic of China … More Reverberations

Release: Heard in LA

Release: Heard in LA is a continuum of previous online sound projects — The Lament Project (2008), Dry Run (2012), Imagining Tellus 28- Heard in LA (2017) and Project Scream (2019) produced by The Center for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts and its web-based curatorial initiative, archive, and virtual studio, The work … More Release: Heard in LA