Dongpu Ling Postview (2021) is an installation combining machine generated video and a series of hair dye painted faux wools. A machine learning algorism, named StyleGan, it uses neural network to learn and find similarity from a given dataset. In this case: a dataset of over 500 images of machines in landscapes is used for … More Postview

On Hammers and Feathers as the Artist’s Epistemic Weapons

Legend has it that around 1590 Galileo Galilei dropped cannon balls and other munition from the tower of Pisa and thus discovered the law of ‘free fall’: The fall velocity of an object in a vacuum is independant of its form and mass. Due to air resistance, the fall velocity of an object in the Earth’s atmosphere is slowed down in accordance with its form and mass. … More On Hammers and Feathers as the Artist’s Epistemic Weapons


Kai-Luen Liang 1949: Tiananmen Square: The ghosts of a public square filled with bodies caught up in the fervor of victory. The sound of a single voice through multiple loudspeakers echoing throughout Tiananmen Square. The voice bouncing off the surrounding concrete, no longer dampened by human bodies. The founding of the People’s Republic of China … More Reverberations

Release: Heard in LA

Launching in Spring 2022 Release: Heard in LA is a curatorial project that is part of a continuum of online sound projects– The Lament Project (2008), Dry Run (2012), Imagining Tellus 28- Heard in LA (2017) and Project Scream (2019) for the web-based curatorial initiative, archive, and virtual studio, These sound projects grew from the desire to expand … More Release: Heard in LA

Tech/Know/Future: From Slang to Structure

Tech/Know/Future/ From Slang to Structure is a critical response to technological systems within art addressing the issues of identity, history and abstraction, placing the viewer at the intersection of the past, present and future. Eleven diverse cross-disciplinary artists will use their creative practices to establish new relationships among technology, knowledge and time through augmented reality, artificial … More Tech/Know/Future: From Slang to Structure

Now|Swerve’s three-part series of conversations with artists, writers and academics explores what we call “the swerve of 2020” in relation to the present––the long now… and the post-future that awaits us. … More Now|Swerve

PDF-OBJECTS and Cassandra

Kandis Williams is an artist, writer, editor, and publisher living and working in Los Angeles and Berlin. She received her BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art, New York and has had recent solo shows in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Vienna. She has an active curatorial and writing practice, and runs CASSANDRA Press with artist Taylor Doran. Her work often explores contemporary critical theory including, but not limited to, racial-nationalism, authority and eroticism. She is also a visiting faculty member at CalArts. Kandis is represented by Night Gallery in Los Angeles. … More PDF-OBJECTS and Cassandra

Green My Favela: A Brief Conversation Regarding Divergence

Lea Rekow and Tom Leeser

Even as nations converge on a purely technical and superficial level there has been an ever-greater divergence between the people who have the means and ability to devise these connective technologies and profit from them and those who have been seduced to use them. Never before has there been such a wide gap of understanding between the producers, owners and users of technology.
—Chandran Nair, Founder of the Global Institute For Tomorrow … More Green My Favela: A Brief Conversation Regarding Divergence