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A Three-Part Podcast Co-hosted by Carlin Wing and Tom Leeser’s  three-part series of conversations with artists, writers and academics explores what we call “the swerve of 2020” in relation to the present––the long now… and the post-future that awaits us.  

Now|Swerve episode 1

In the first conversation Carlin Wing and Tom Leeser discussed the shifting awareness of time and how the pandemic, the US election and the uprisings against racial injustice have  caused  us to reconsider our past, present and future through the direct disruptions of technology, communication and culture. 

Now|Swerve episode 2

In the second conversation, Femke Snelting and Helen Pritchard of the Underground Division spoke about their research project, “Figurations of Timely Extraction” that examines the dynamic crossings of time and matter,  geological time and other multi- time-spaces that  pierce what they call “the techno-colonial apparatus.”

Now|Swerve episode 3

For the third conversation, Ronni Kimm, an innovation and design strategist based in Los Angeles and Carla Gannis, an interdisciplinary artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York  discussed ideas about the perception of time within this precarious post-future moment––  a time that is analogous to the “long now,” an exaggerated multi-temporal present that seems more comparable to geological and cosmological time rather than human time. It is what Bifo Berardi may call, an expression of the “complex constellations that comprise our present.”

The conversation began with a question––”How do we respond to the assertion of a post-future and the suspension of a conventional unilinear model of time, given the many political disturbances, local and global, that we have personally experienced recently. 

Now|Swerve episode 4

In a 2021 addendum to the three-part series, Carlin Wing and Tom Leeser discussed the events around the insurrection of January 6th in Washington DC, the need to reimagine the social collective and the role of educators in a post-future. 

Carlin Wing

The Underground Division (Helen Pritchard, Jara Rocha, Femke Snelting)

Ronni Kimm

Carla Gannis

Sound Composition: Brian James Griffith