Networked Library Project

The Project

The Networked Library Project looks at the artist’s library as a creative research space, a source for collection, identity and practice. It embraces the natural impulse towards curiosity, activism, exchange and occasional eccentricity.

The project is designed to enable artists to share their library with a fellow artist and enter into a personal and collaborative dialogue. The outcome of this dialogue is designed to be a part of a larger network that invokes an affinity with accessibility and creative research.

The Process

The invited participant will visit the host’s library, choose a book (or a selection of books) to research and provide with a “book report.” The report will be a response to the collection and the personal experiences derived from reading the selected book(s).

The Model

Citing Martha Rosler’s Library as one of the influences for the project, the “book reports” will function as a “representational strategy and descriptive tool.” In addition to the reports, our Networked Library Project will curate and archive links and references to other outlier libraries and like-minded projects.

The Goal

This project furthers’s core interest in artists whose creative practices invoke digital and performative tendencies that question our conventional assumptions towards research, media, science, and art making.

The Work

Ella Rosenblatt

Chris Bassett and CLUI

Kandis Williams

Ekta Aggarwal and Kathy Carbone

Tom Leeser

Dan Bustillo and Tim Schwartz

Dany Naierman and Tom Jennings

Amanda Katz

Jen Hofer

The Links